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2022年10月1日 (Singhgiz roek)

  • 10:272022年10月1日 (Loeg) 10:27 Faenbied 历史 +27,931 M 模块:Buffer创建页面,内容为“--[[============================= This Module was written by Alexander Zhikun He, also known as, User:Codehydro on the English Wikipedia All methods were developed independently and any resemblance to other string buffer libraries would be coincidental. Furthermore, many methods will not work when compiled by standard Lua libraries as they depend on behaviors unique to the MediaMiki Scribunto mod, which, for example, has a getmetatable() method that always ret…” dingz 标签移动版编辑 移动版网页编辑
  • 10:252022年10月1日 (Loeg) 10:25 Faenbied 历史 +12,189 M 模块:Asbox创建页面,内容为“--[[ This module was created by User:CodeHydro (Alexander Zhikun He). User:Jackmcbarn and User:Mr._Stradivarius provided a great deal of assistance in writting p.main() p.main() draw heavily from the following version of Template:Asbox of the English Wikipedia, authored primarily by User:Rich_Farmbrough p.templatepage() is derived from the following revision of Template:Asbox/templatepa…” dingz 标签移动版编辑 移动版网页编辑
  • 10:212022年10月1日 (Loeg) 10:21 Faenbied 历史 −55 模板:Asbox无编辑摘要 dingz 标签移动版编辑 移动版网页编辑