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This is a page for non-Zhuang speakers to discuss anything related to the Zhuang Wikipedia
ข้อความที่ไม่เขียนในภาษาจ้วง / 非壮语的留言

You can also request assistance for your works on the Zhuang Wikipedia

Please do not translate this page. This page is meant for users of other languages, who wish to contact users from the local community. If you are good in English and wish to translate the interface on Wiki, please visit the translatewiki website.

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You can also request assistance for your works on the Zhuang Wikipedia.
Before you post your comment or question . . .

  1. Messages can be given in any language including Zhuang, although relatively few contributors to Zhuang Wikipedia are fluent in languages other than Zhuang and English.
  2. Brief and precise messages are encouraged.
  3. Please do not copy and paste text, even from other Wikimedia projects. Place a link to the text instead.
  4. Please do not post personal information, such as your email address.
  5. Users who speak English are found here and those who speak Zhuang are found here.
  6. You are welcome to give us advice or suggestions about the Zhuang Wikipedia.
  7. You can ask anything about the Zhuang language and Zhuang culture.
  8. Finally, reiterated, ask questions, comments or messages here.

Note that Zhuang Wikipedia users may primarily assist you in English, Thai or Chinese.

Should this page also have Vietnamese translation?[编辑源代码]

As Guangxi is bordering on Vietnam. --Liuxinyu970226讨论2016年12月17日 (Loeg) 08:32 (UTC)回复[回复]